Important notice


Recently someone is still pretending to be 'The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble' or 'Members of the Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble'. It not only spoils one's dignity, but also ruins the goodwill and integrity of the whole Guitar industry. It likely reflects (especially in the traditional classic music sector) that all guitarists are frivolous, trivial and pettifogging. To maintain the valuable reputation of the guitarists and the guitar field, we should put our goals or aims into effect as the utmost consideration, and not doing things contrary.

Established in 1987, The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble is indirectly subsidized by The Hong Kong Government over the past 20 years, and is the only one team in classic guitar field being an Elector of The Legislative Council Functional Constituency (reflected in November, 2005). Please stand on one's feet on the ground, orientating entirely to prosper the guitar sector, not indulging in make-believe and faking our Ensemble's name again.

The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble
1st December, 2005



香港結他合奏團 謹啟

Music groups: we all work as a TEAM